The project’s interrelated general objectives and the motivation behind them are as follows:

  • Maintain and enrich the knowledge capital of the European Maritime sector by identifying knowledge enablers. Encourage the creation, transfer and integration of knowledge. The Community’s maritime sector must sustain and improve its competitive advantage, independently from economic crisis. Therefore, there is a need for a general improvement in knowledge and a strategy for its development that will enable a more proactive approach to developments originating from international competition and imminent environmental requirements.

  • Improve opportunities for innovative education and training. Employees in the maritime transport sector are in need of innovative opportunities for education and training that focus on their special working conditions. The KNOWME project will address this need by developing a centre of excellence that develops and provides a product line of courses and training opportunities that meets the needs of industry as regards content, structure and teaching/learning technologies and with the necessary time, place, and communication convenience.

  • Carrying out research for image improvement. The necessary modal shift of transport from land to sea will be facilitated by improving the image and awareness of the Community’s shipping among politicians, decision-makers, the general public and potential employees as well as the media and opinion makers. Therefore, this project will carry out research among members of these groups to identify weaknesses and threats to be confronted and strengths and opportunities to be exploited. The findings will yield strategies for improving the image and awareness of the maritime industry in the Community that can be developed and increase awareness.

The KNOWME project covers the main issues addressed by the European Commission in the „Maritime Transport Strategy 2009–2018“ focusing on the ‘human factor’ which is addressed in this call and the FP 7 work programme 2010. Main concern is the growing shortage of maritime professionals, especially qualified merchant marine officers. This entails the significant risk of decreased competitiveness of the European maritime industry in general.

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