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Online Registration is now available for the FREE KNOWME Final Conference. 'The Future of Maritime Education and Training' will take place on 20th May 2014 in Bremen, Germany.

The main aim of our Final Conference will be to showcase the results of the KNOWME project, but some of the synergies between KNOWME and other projects or studies will also be demonstrated. The remit of the conference will be inclusive of the academic and the industry perspective, and the views of a wide range of stakeholder groups will be represented.  Read more

Fifth KNOWME newsletter published

We are back with the latest news about the KNOWME project. In the fifth issue we are featuring:

  • KNOWME Final Conference: The Future of Maritime Education and Training
  • Go-Maritime: Innovative web presence for young people interested in a career in the European Maritime Industry
  • Research on Corporate Social Responsibility of maritime stakeholders

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Fourth KNOWME newsletter published

The KNOWME project published its fourth newsletter. Issues are relevant to the maritime industry such as
- the image of shipping
- maritime e-courses flexible education offers
- communication, internet access and retention of seafarers in the shipping industry.

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KNOWME presented at IAME 2013

 The Annual Conference of the International Association of Maritime Economists took place on 3-5 July in Marseille, France. The Conference was jointly organised by Euromed Management, University of Genoa, University of Naples and IFSTTAR-SPLOTT. The theme of the Conference was “Managing complexity in shipping and port markets: firms’ business models, co-opetitive games and innovative public-private interactions”.

During the thRead more...ree day conference, which was attended by 210 participants, 174 papers were presented. KNOWME partners participated in the conference and presented papers on the results of their research. Members of Gothenburg University, University of the Aegean, Molde University, IVL, Edinburg Napier University and Bremen University attended and/or presented the following papers, the first three of which reported results obtained within the KNOWME project:

  • Arne Jensen, Rickard Bergqvist, Harald Hjelle and Maria Lekakou:
    “The image of shipping – perceptions of pupils in upper secondary schools in Sweden, Norway and Greece”
  • Ioannis Theotokas and Ilias Bissias:
    “Secrets and Lies? What stands true for media coverage of maritime events and incidents?”
  • Maria Progoulaki, Ioannis Theotokas and Helen Iakovaki:
    “Management of cultural diversity: Identifying the training needs of seafarers and shore-based personnel in the European maritime shipping industry”
  • Harald M. Hjelle:
    “The Comparative GHG Intensity Performance of Short Sea Shipping vs. Road Transport through the Peaks and Troughs of Market Cycles”
  • Ancor Suárez-Alemán, Lourdes Trujillo and Kevin Cullinane:
    “Estimating port efficiency through an alternative methodology: Time as an output of port performance”
  • Darren Fraser and Theo Notteboom:
    “A strategic appraisal of the attractiveness of transport corridors: The Southern African Case”
  • Ahmed Mowafy Fakhreldin and Theo Notteboom: “Indexing container freight rates:
    A step towards a market pricing stability mechanism”
  • Siyuan Wang and Theo Notteboom:
    “The Perspectives and Challenges of the Adoption of Liquefied Natural Gas as a Ship Fuel: Conducting a Systematic Review and Research  Synthesis”
  • Francesco Parola, Theo Notteboom, Jean-Paul Rodrigue and Giovanni Satta:
    “The impact of multiple-site entry strategies on corporate growth patterns of International Terminal Operators” 
  • Linda Styhre and Hulda Winnes:
    “Energy efficient shipping – between research and implementation”

For more information on the IAME2013 Conference:
For more information on the International Association of Maritime Economists:

Free maritime e-courses available

One of the general objectives of the KNOWME project is to improve opportunities for innovative education and training. Employees in the maritime transport sector are in need of innovative opportunities for education and training that focus on their special working conditions. To meet this aim, the KNOWME project has developed three e-courses: Cross-Cultural Training, Maritime Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Environmental Management.
The e-courses’ concept aims at facilitating modern career management and development for potential workforce, seafarers and on-shore staff under a life cycle approach.


  • Target groups: Potential and current workforce on board and onshore; employees in
    the maritime industry. The prerequisites to these e-courses are on a general level.
  • Course progression: The e-courses run 100% online.
  • Learning Workload: 45 hours for each course
  • Starting date: anytime
  • Costs: none
  • Language: English

Are you interested in one (or more) of these e-courses? Go to  and create your account. Each e-course currently has an enrolment key. Please send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you will receive the key which enables you to enroll in the e-course(s).