The project actitivities are structured into six work packages with focus on a defined number of outputs:

Work package 1: Imaging - Creating a modern 'image of shipping' in Europe

  • Best practices of maritime stakeholders related to social responsibility and sustainable development [more]
  • Strategy for using media as a means for improving the image of the industry [more]
  • Report on the pilot application “Building the next generation” [more]
  • Careers in the maritime industry [more]
  • Internet for seafarers [more]


Work package 2: Research - for strengthening the human factors in shipping

  • Future demand of maritime professionals in the maritime and port industry [more]
  • Report on cross-cultural training needs of seafarers, shore-based personnel and industry stakeholder [more]
  • Hands on guidelines for shipping crews to improve the understanding of their foreign crew members in a cultural perspective [more]
  • Framework towards a complementarity of working and living conditions [more]


Work package 3: Education of maritime and on-shore professions on job opportunities and career management

  • The current status of integration of Maritime Education and Training in Europe and its future potential [more]
  • Training Needs Assessment Report [more]
  • "Map" of educational and training concepts [more]
  • e-Training courses [more]
  • Pilot applications using e-courses [more]


Work package 4: Review of education and training policies and practices from an international perspective

  • State of policies and strategies for training, education and knowledge development [more]
  • Standardisation of qualification certificates [more]


Work package 5: EU-portal for career management and development, e-training and e-education

  • Development concept EU-portal [more]
  • Realisation EU-portal and dissemination [Go-Maritime.net]
  • Evaluation report on the effectiveness of the EU-portal
  • Dissemination and exploitation plan for the EU-portal [more]


Work package 6: Organisational umbrella and collaboration between industry and education sectors

  • School visits in partner countries [more]
  • Programme of pilot implementation for coordination between Marine Academies and Universities [more]
  • Network meetings [more]
  • Strategy and roadmap to integrate the KNOWME network and project results into the e-maritime [more]
  • Final project conference [Summary] [more]


Work package 7: Project management, coordination of dissemination and exploitation

Dr. Ioannis Theotokas