Project management, co-ordination of dissemination and exploitation

This document is D7.1, ‘Project Management and Supervision’, which details the co-ordination activities and management systems that will help to ensure a smooth running of the KNow-ME project and the timely delivery of quality outputs.

The project, primarily via the co-ordinator, must ensure that all outputs satisfy the following conditions:

  • They are of high quality, both in terms of content and style;
  • They support the project’s objectives of furthering maritime education and training in Europe;
  • They conform to what has been agreed to in the Description of Work;
  • They are delivered on time and in the correct format; and
  • They are achieved with an efficient use of human and financial resources.

These criteria will be ensured through a variety of project management tools and effective oversight by the project Co-ordinator. Chief among the tools are the KNow-ME project SharePoint, Consortium Agreement, regular reports on progress by work package and task leaders, and the system (and timeline) of deliverable submission that has been agreed with the Commission.

The complete array of control measures will help ensure an efficiently run project with quality, usable outputs that will further European maritime education and training as per the stated goal of the KNow-ME project.

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