Dissemination and Use Plan

This document aims to provide a clear overview and concrete guideline of the dissemination actions, which must be conducted in WP 7.

One of the purposes of this Dissemination and Use Plan is to disseminate information about the project, and its progress, in such a way that other stakeholders in the area can make use of the results, or see how they can feed information into the project. In this way, it acts as a vehicle for the cross-fertilisation of ideas and as a means of establishing co-operation.


The Dissemination and Use Plan (DUP) describes:

  • The objectives and scope of the DUP
  • The target groups of KNOWME
  • The definition of the KNOWME Stakeholder Group and its role as well as the benefits of participating in this group
  • The accessible and available media or materials that enable effective dissemination activities
  • The possible events and means to conduct dissemination activities
  • The contributing possibilities of KNOWME partner in dissemination activities

The use plan to identify the expected exploitable results and to serve the KNOWME partners in contributing these results.
The DUP will be treated as a living document and will be updated during the life of the project. It will include at each update a summary of changes since the previous release and an outline of expected future additions or changes.

Download the document here.