Internet for seafarers

The aim of this study is to present the retention problem in the shipping industry, to identify key factors that contribute to employee (seafarers for that matter) retention, while focusing on communication as a motivator and its significance as a retention factor. Finally the seafarers’ disposition towards social networking media and internet accessibility onboard will be assessed. To shed light on the role of communication as a motivator and retention factor the results of a field survey are analysed and discussed.

The results of the survey conducted for this paper yield a series of interesting conclusions with regard to the internet communication issue and the retention to the profession. While seafarers appear to be satisfied with their choice to join the profession, when they are asked for eventual reasons that would lead them to abandon it, they state as more important the inadequate communication with family & friends. This is a clear evidence of the role played by communication in every effort to increase the retention rate within the seafaring profession. A vast percentage of the respondents feel being discriminated in their job, indicating as the most important evidence of discrimination the access to proper communication and the working and living conditions.

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