Strategy and roadmap to integrate the KNOWME network and project results into the ‘e-maritime’

The aim of this deliverable is to illustrate, in a practical way, how some of the results of the KNOWME project can be integrated into the e-maritime initiative.

One of the main objectives of KNOWME is to contribute towards improving the image of shipping and promoting the seafaring profession. The review of the literature has shown that promoting seafaring is also in the remit of the e-Maritime initiative. Furthermore, there is a pressing need for maritime education and training, e-learning, e-recruitment to be firmly positioned within the e-Maritime initiative. Although there has been some progress so far, it is mostly attributed to domains such as freight logistics and operations, and the human aspects of the seafaring profession have somehow been left behind.

So far the prevailing focus of a large part of research and development within the maritime sector has been on themes related to clustering, technical innovation and logistics and the issue of human resourcing has been overlooked.

The research within the KNOWME project is entirely dedicated to the human factor in the maritime sector. Therefore it is highly relevant to that part of the e-Maritime initiative which is focused on the seafaring profession.

The specific outputs of the KNOWME project which are considered to be of highest relevance to ‘e-Maritime’ and the e-Maritime initiative are:

  • The e-courses on Cross-cultural Training, Maritime Logistics & Supply Chain Management and Environmental Management;
  • The Go-Maritime e-portal which shows career paths and links to organisations providing Maritime Education and Training (MET) as well as links to other maritime organisations and companies;
  • ‘Internet for seafarers’ study which was conducted to investigate the retention problem in the shipping industry and to identify the key factors (the availability of and access to communication facilities on board ships in particular) that contribute to employee turnover and retention; and
  • A study on the image of shipping which explains how to design and operate a marketing communication process as a strategy for improving the image of the shipping industry in order to increase its attractiveness as a labour market and career opportunity for young people.

An exercise was undertaken to illustrate, in a practical way, how some of the results of the KNOWME project as outlined above can be integrated into the e-Maritime Strategic Framework.

For this purpose, collaboration was established between the KNOWME and the EMAR projects. E-recruitment in particular was identified as an area for collaboration. The EMAR team have developed a ‘maritime e-Recruitment service’, implemented over the EMAR Platform, which aims to become an assisting service to future or existing crewing applications. Maritime e-Recruitment facilitates the procedure of matching the Recruitment Request (RR) to the Candidate Crew Application (CCA) which satisfies the Recruitment criteria.

Before applicants proceed to the completion of their application, they are offered an opportunity to enhance their knowledge of the maritime sector, the pathways leading to different careers and the free opportunities to undertake additional e-learning. Some links to relevant sections of the Go-Maritime e-portal, which combines the results of many research studies within KNOWME, have been made readily available to applicants to provide them with some useful facts about the maritime industry and more specifically to help them make an informed choice of a career in the maritime sector.

Download the document here.