Network Meeting

The aim of this deliverable is to provide an overview of the context, main objectives and the processes involved in the creation and development of the KNOWME knowledge network.

Some of the theories behind the building and functioning of knowledge networks have been reviewed. The review of the literature has shown that knowledge networks can be of different sizes and they can also be virtual or having a physical structure. The focus of knowledge networks is usually on developing, accumulating, distributing and applying knowledge. Such is the purpose of their formation and the goal of their members.

KNOWME has developed and maintained an extensive network of stakeholders which have assisted with various aspects of the project. The stakeholder activities within the KNOWME project taken in their entirety have contributed to the whole lifecycle of developing, accumulating, distributing and applying knowledge. Indeed, such was the purpose of the creation and the goal of the members of the KNOWME knowledge network.

The KNOWME knowledge network, whose main objective is to maintain and enhance the knowledge capital of the European maritime sector by encouraging the creation, transfer and integration of knowledge, has been developed as a virtual community that encompasses newsletter recipients, Twitter and LinkedIn followers, people undertaking the e-courses, Consortium connections and colleagues.

In order to fulfil the objective of establishing an academic and industry network, the project partners have created an interactive map on the Go-Maritime portal which provides direct access to stakeholders from the European maritime industry with local contacts from education and training institutions, shipping companies, ship owners, public authorities, crewing agencies and sea ports. This has not only contributed to knowledge sharing and has enhanced the provision of information, but has also made the maritime industry in Europe more ‘visible’, which on its turn will potentially attract more people to the maritime industry and will improve its image Network meetings and interaction with stakeholders have been taking place face-to-face, through newsletters and on Twitter. In addition to these communication channels, the KNOWME project partners initiated the ‘Go-Maritime’ LinkedIn group. Cross-linking the Go-Maritime portal and other platforms and projects has contributed to the accumulation and dissemination of knowledge even further.

The LinkedIn group, the other social media and the Go-Maritime portal are also a good way to sustain and keep the KNOWME knowledge network after the end of the project.

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