Final Report [Download]

The KNOWME project covers the main issues addressed by the European Commission in the “Maritime Transport Strategy 2009-2018” and is specifically concerned with the ‘human factor’ in the maritime industry. In line with these issues, this project aimed to address the growing shortage of maritime professionals that poses a substantial risk of decreasing the competitiveness of the European maritime industry. It has also created a network for raising the knowledge level of the sector’s human resources and improving its image and marketability among key decision-makers, the labour market and the public.

To improve the retention of European seafarers and to address the skills shortages in the maritime industry, KNOWME has proposed measures that enhance the attractiveness of maritime professions. Such measures include strategies for improving the image of shipping and careers at sea, facilitating lifelong career prospects and labour mobility in the maritime industry, improving working and living conditions on board ships, enhancing cooperation and exchanges between European maritime training institutions, creating a knowledge network for encouraging the accumulation, transfer and integration of knowledge in the maritime sector and supporting research to address the human element factor affecting the well-being of people at sea.

Throughout this three year project, from 2011 to 2014, researchers from six countries across Europe have addressed the following topics:

  • Creation and dissemination of a modern image of shipping;
  • Recruitment and retention of workforce in the maritime industry;
  • Improving working and living conditions for seafarers;
  • The current state and future of maritime education and training;
  • Innovative maritime education and training policies;
  • Collaboration between industry and Maritime Education and Training (MET) sectors.

The project has delivered a number of final results with broad-ranging implications, such as:

  • Development of a clear vision of the “image of shipping” from a variety of perspectives;
  • Recognition of the contribution made by human capital (on board and on shore) to the economic state of the maritime sector;
  • Identification of training and educational requirements and opportunities for the maritime sector, including gaps and shortages;
  • The design and development of a user-oriented EU portal for the maritime industry, based on external and stakeholder perceptions of the sector.

Download the final report here.