KNOWME at the VTI Transport Forum 2012

The 2012 VTI Transport Forum had its yearly symposium on 11-12 January in Linköping, Sweden. Since the first Transport Forum was launched in 1984, the conference, organised by VTI, has evolved into the largest annual Nordic conference for the transport sector. This is where researchers and the many transport actors are able to share knowledge and engage in networking. The 2012 conference saw about 1700 participants.

The KNOWME project was presented by Chalmers University. The responses to the project's aims were positive, especially with regard to improving the image of shipping. One main conclusion was that it is often difficult to work with bad or no feed-back from counterparts such as authorities. Another issue raised was the differences in applicants to the universities in Europe.

Chalmers has recently conducted a field study snapshot of seafarers' attitudes to their work as part of the KNOWME project. One main conclusion from the study: seafarers felt that their administration workload is heavy. How this observation should be presented to new industry applicants or industry stakeholders needs to be examined in detail. The presentation should be both accurate and also present a full picture with regard to other aspects of seafaring roles.

Chalmers University was represented by KNOWME partner Karin Nodin. To download a copy of Karin's presentation, please follow the link below:

IAME 2011: KNOWME Special Session

The International Association of Maritime Economists (IAME) held its 2011 conference in Santiago, Chile, in October. The event was organised by the Transport Research Institute (TRI) and the Institute of Transport and Maritime Management Antwerp (ITMMA) and hosted by the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean.

The KNOWME project held a special session which focused on maritime education and training. The session was chaired by KNOWME partner Jacobs University as represented by Prof Jens Froese. Papers were presented on skills development, teaching, and the quality of labour markets. The event was an excellent chance to disseminate the project itself as well as its purpose amongst the leading academic figures in the maritime field. The conference was heavily attended by industry, particularly from Latin America, but also from Europe and the USA.

More generally, the IAME conference was based on a simple concept: shipping services and ports play a critical role as facilitators of trade. In an environment of changing economic conditions, increasing environmental challenges and pressures on the human element in the shipping and port industry, collaboration, knowledge exchange and new ideas are needed more than ever before. The event featured academic papers with original ideas that analysed, discussed and proposed solutions to these exciting new challenges across the globe and particularly in Latin America. Each day ended with a plenary session featuring distinguished speakers from academia and industry. These sessions discussed current issues following an introductory statement by the moderator and picked up on many of the points raised by the academic papers presented during the day.